Could any provide their assistance to my problem, I am trying to install 
1.1.13 upon my linux workstation, I have 1.1.9 on win98, but want it on
linux, but so far it wasn't gone well at all, in fact I'm still at the 
of trying to install gtk 1.2.6 after installing glib-1.2.6 .

The problem is that the ./configure part of installing gtk is giving me
errors that I can't make any sense of.

1) I first installed a source distribution of glib-1.2.6, apparently nothing
went wrong, I didn't receive any error messages, I then went on and
uninstalled my binary distribution of glib 1.1.3 through kpackage, (which I
probably should had gone first, but had hopes that the install would
overwrite any previous installation), and then executed ldconfig

2) Then I tried to install gtk-1.2.6, and that was where all the trouble
began,  I kept on getting on errors like "the glib-config file says 1.2.6,
but 1.2.3 was found" or "cannot find glib-config", "GLIB was not installed
properly, or moved" until I set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH  variable was set to
/usr/local/lib and the GLIB_CONFIG variable was set to
/usr/localbin/glib-config, and then I stopped receiving that error and a new
one appeared

The latest error is "X libraries or include files not found."  Please help.

I am running Linux-Mandrake 6.5, if you need to know.

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