ANNOUNCE: Glade-Perl 0.44

Hi all,

I have just uploaded perl module Glade-Perl-0.44.tar.gz to CPAN

and it is already available on my websites.

Glade-Perl generates perl source code from a Glade file - Glade is Damon
Chaplin's beautiful Gtk+/Gnome UI builder. 

Glade-Perl can display the UI as it is built and/or generate source code 
and it can be called directly from Glade's 'Build' button.

This version can generate a perl module that uses libglade to show the UI
instead of generating Gtk-Perl source code to do it.

Regards, Dermot

snipped from the Changelog:
Fri Dec 12 16:36:36 GMT 1999 - Dermot Musgrove <>
  - Version 0.44
  - PerlUI->internal_pack_widget() now doesn't warn about missing tooltips 
    for GtkLabel or GtkCombo in toolbars
  - PerlSource->write_SUBCLASS() now creates skeleton signal handlers for
    every missing handler in every form.
  - Some efficiency improvements
  - PerlSource skeleton signal handlers generated with extra argument $event.
  - PerlSource a new module is now generated to use libglade to construct 
    the UI and with skeleton signal handlers with appropriate args.
  - PerlProject fixed bug reported by where
    gnome version was checked even when gnome support was not requested doh!

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