Re: [gtk-list] Re: Scrolling multiple widgets at once

Adjustments are a GTK+ object used to control the
range widgets (scrollbars, scales, etc).  To have the movement
of one widget cause the movement of another, you share
the GtkAdjustment value.  When you create a scrollbar, scale,
scrolled window, text widget, etc., you specify an adjustment.
 Normally it is just NULL which allows the widget to
create its own adjustment. The main thing is to have the
widgets you want tied to each other share the same
GtkAdjustment.  You still have 2 scrollbars, but one GtkAdjustment.

There is an example of adjustments in the tutorial. Once you look
through that, I think you'll find they are quite simple to use.

Hope that helps.
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> >>
> If anyone can point me to the correct reference information and/or
> source code examples, or could describe to me what I need to do, I would
> be very grateful.  I have a feeling it has something to do with signals,
> but I'm not sure...
> <<
>   This is a shot in the dark, but is it possible to associate a single
> adjustment slider with two different text boxes?
>   I know that to set up *one* scrollable text box you have to associate
> the slider in a separate line of code; just thinking one might be able to
> use the same slider twice...
>   John
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