Re: [gtk-list] Re: Freetype and G[TD]K

Iain wrote:
> > Just randomly trying things is not going to get you very far.
>     It's got me pretty far so far.... :)
> > Read the FreeType docs/source or pester the FreeType people, and find out
> > how to get the bitmap data in a format you can use. Once you know what the
> > format is, we can tell you how to use it with GTK+.
>     Will do, maybe once I've done it, I'll be able to work it out myself
> (but I doubt it).
>     Right, thats Sundays reading sorted out...
Did you take a look at the test programs delivered with the
Freetype library to show TT-Fonts on the X-Display ?
This might help.
[ I just know the freetype lib and executed some of the test examples
to view the TT-Fonts on a CD I have on Solaris. Works fine !]



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