Re: [gtk-list] Re: Win32 Support

Hi there,

If it's not too much trouble, can someone send me the basic instructions
and source for building helloworld with the win32 gtk+.  I tried using
the linux directions but I'm getting a list of unresolved externals at
link time.  I'm using VC6.0


Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> > As far as I know its a fairly active project.  I've used it succesfully
> > in a few of my apps and am overall quite happy with the work.
> The project has been a bit quiet during the last month or so (the
> latest snapshots available are from the end of February) while I have
> been between machines at home, but now that my new box is up and
> running I've begun to catch up on the changes in GTk+ that have
> happened. I am also trying to add support for building with cygwin
> (egcs1.1.2, with the -mno-cygwin flag not to depend on the cygwin dll
> in the generated code). No timetable promises, of course.
> > They are doing a great job IMHO.  Keep up the good work!
> Thanks.
> --tml
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