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        As far as I know its a fairly active project.  I've used it succesfully
in a few of my apps and am overall quite happy with the work.  It certainly
beats maintaining two sets of source and definitely beats a $1200 Qt license. 
The URL is: .  They are doing a great job
IMHO.  Keep up the good work!


On 21-Apr-99 wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a FreeAmp (Linux & Windows MP3 player, for
> more info) developer and right now all the user interface stuff is
> written in plain vanilla win32 or Xlib calls. This has got to stop and
> we need to move to a cross-platform toolkit.
> I would love to move to GTK and the main web page makes mention that
> Win32 support will happen eventually. I was wondering about the status
> of that. Is that an active project? Does anyone have any timeframes
> available? Is there CVS source I can check out?
> In the end a new version of FreeAmp/Win32 needs to hit the streets in
> about July -- we could start development on Linux and then move it over
> in the end. That should be no problem.
> Any info on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
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