Re: [gtk-list] Re: Best way to display video

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Charles Lepple wrote:

> Imlib (IMHO) is slow. I tried something similar.
Could you explain that more detailed please?

I use ImLib because it uses XSHM and has a cache for rendered images.
This seems me to be the fastes way to display images under X (I don't know
much about X programming and may be you can enlighten me ...).
May be for the case of showing a "Film" you should switch of the
cache because it makes no sense in this case.
> My application was tailored for truecolor visuals (pseudocolor is too much
> effort :-), but I get very nice frame rates with a piece of code based on
> Patrick Reynolds' cqcam GTK frontend. I'm currently using it to convert
> grayscale images to color, but the cqcam program has optimized conversions
> for 24 bit -> 15, 16, and 24 bit color. It handles both truecolor and
> pseudocolor visuals, although the truecolor support is easier to work with
I depend on displaying images independ from the display.  Could you
explain how cqcam handles this and what is the reason for the gain of
speed in your opinion.

Kind regards


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