Re: X 8bpp displays: assertion `style->ref_count > 0' failed

Ullrich Hafner <> writes:

> Hi,
> I have problems with an application that uses a private color map on
> an 8bpp display. After installing the private color map with 
>       gtk_widget_push_visual (gdk_rgb_get_visual ());
>       gtk_widget_push_colormap (gdk_rgb_get_cmap ());
> I get a lot of messages of the form (only if X is set to 8bpp):
> Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkstyle.c: line 575 (gtk_style_unref): assertion `style->ref_count > 0' failed.
> This error messages are not shown if I start X with 16bpp or if both
> code lines are removed. Since this error also appears in the testgtk
> application (start testgtk, push color-selection, push cancel) I
> believe that this behavior is a GTK+ problem/bug?
> Any help is appreciated. GTK+ version: 1.2.2

I can't reproduce this with testgtk in 8pp on my box. (Actually, I
can't really see how is realated to bit depth.) If you can get a
backtrace of where in testgtk this message is produced, that would be


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