GTK installation problem !


I just tried to install GTK 1.2.1 on LINUX2.0.36  with Mandrake 5.3 without

the first phase has been successfully completed  : the GLIB 1.2.1  has been
compiled and installed (at least no error message!)

But when I launch the  GTK 1.2.1 " ./configure " GLIB IS SAID MISSING !
 ("the glib- config script installed by GLIB was not be found ...")

If I configure GTK with the --prefix option with the GLIB  full path I get
the same error message. 

If I launch the configuration script with --with-glib option (with the
installation glib path) the GTK configuration is ok.

BUT when I launch the GTK make it failed because of a (written
in the makefile !) that can't be found.

Please let me know what I could have forgotten !



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