Re: [gtk-list] Re: question about Gtk_DrawingArea

SKRZYNIARZ Alexandre <> writes:
> My Gtk_DrawingArea is contained into a Gtk_Viewport. The viewport is
> resizeable. When the user resizes it too much (e.g. when the size of the
> viewport exceed the default size of my drawing area), my drawing area is
> resized. I want to prevent that. Maybe by setting a maximum size of the
> Gtk_Viewport, but I don't know how to do that with Gtk--.

You cannot get this with viewport, afaik.

But you can do this by adding a Gtk_HBox or Gtk_VBox to the Viewport
and then drawing area inside that. HBox and VBox allow determining if
extra space is placed inside or outside of the container. Setting
expand argument of pack_start or pack_end to false will help you with
this. (or maybe table will work too :)

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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