Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK and Qt comparison? said:
>   The interview held by Linux Center with Matthias Ettrich, the 
> founder of the KDE project, is worth a look. It gives brief pros and 
> cons of both Qt and the GTK library. Of course his opinion is a bit 
> Qt centric. 

It gives more than slightly Qt centric positions.  Matthias has done a great 
deal of good work, both in starting and doing much of the original work for 
LyX and the same for KDE.  But he has, at times, taken the position that Red 
Hat's position regarding using only open source software in the core 
distribution is bad.  He also has the bias of a (deservidly) proud parent 
towards KDE, and the fact that he is now an employee of Troll would tend to 
have some coloring effect on his opinions, even when he is trying hard to be 

Of the three positions taken by "major" players on the issues, Bruce Perens 
position paper was heavily biased in one direction, Matthias's was strongly 
biased in the Qt/KDE direction, and Marc Ewings was the most balanced to date; 
though of course he addresses the Qt licensing issues and not the issues of 
technical merit.
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