Re: [gtk-list] [Q] Using idle() with gtkmm

Jonathan Belson <>(Jonathan Belson) writes:
> I recently to around to recompiling an old project with a newer version
> of gtkmm.
> Previously I used to following code to safely destroy pop-up requesters:
>   (Gtk_Main::instance())->idle_add((GtkFunction) &my_delete_obj, this);

connect_to_function(Gtk_Main::idle(), &my_delete_obj, this);

> Since gtkmm has now replaced idle_add() with an idle() signal, how can
> I achieve the same result as the above code?  I relied on being
> able to pass a 'this' pointer as an argument, but I can't see how I can
> do this using the new idle() signal.

the new idle() returns normal signals...

> Any suggestions?  A better way to destroy pop-up windows would be
> welcome
> too <grin>

:-) do we have better solution to this already? I dunno.

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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