Re: [gtk-list] Re: announce: yet another gtk+ C++ wrapper (no caps as

> Why should simplicity imply slow code ? I agree that Visual Basic is
> simple and slow. But Borland's C++ Builder is also simple but fast. And
> if you want wrapper over wrapper over wrapper, what about wrapping gtk--
> around vdk. Just kidding.

Simple things generally don't have speed in mind.  Yes, once in a great while
speed and elegance come together to make a really killer API.  

If you look at the actual size of the Gtk-- wrapper it is impressively thin
considering most things are just passed directly to the gtk+ framework
below through inline functions.

I think the VDK would benifit from being able to use gtk-- code because
that is were the bulk of the extra C++ widgets have gone.   

> Where can I learn more about profiling ? I used it when working with
> BC++ 4.5, but missed since than. On Linux it's even worse (because I'm
> new and have to learn so many other things :)

There are actually a great deal of tools available for profiling.  However,
your point is correct that they are hardly everyday tools that anyone
uses daily.  I have used prof, gprof, and atom at some point.  

To profile code under Linux, compile it with "gcc -pg" and then "gprof
executable".  It doesn't give great results and you have to recompile
the libraries if you want there statistics, but it is good for a one shot.

> Yes, a poll would be good. But not for choosing between vdk and gtk--.
> It wouldn't be fair. Vdk is not even beta yet. The poll would be good
> for finding out how many C++ programmers are in the gtk+'s boat, how
> many are using gtk-- and how many would like to see what vdk can become. 

I was only suggesting that be collect demographics on our users inquiring
what languages they regularly and what they had used already.  Results
of the number of Vdk users would be meaningless.  However, collecting
the number of C++ coders who do not use gtk-- might be more interesting.
> I also think that, for the moment, the vdk team of coders is formed from
> Mario alone (please correct me Mario if I'm wrong). I have just started
> to make the tutorial and share my opinions about vdk with Mario, but
> haven't make any real coding till now. So, why you gtk-- people are
> afraid of loosing programers ? Do you already have this problem ? If
> yes, than this means that vdk is really needed.
The Gtk-- project is not concerned with the loss of programmers as
it have a good number at least from what I know.  At least
10 people use my gtk-- widget, that have sent a note to me, so
I conclude it has quite a few users as well.  I personally am afraid 
of lose of focus.  Don't confuse me a "contributer" with key member
representing the group.   

My stated goal is the compete with QT and infighting would be bad.  
Building the strongest widget set that has all of the strengths of 
QT and none of its weaknesses would be my goal for the Gtk--. 

(Lets steer away from comments like this.  Words and accusations like
"sorting garbage" and "afraid of losing".  They can sound immature and
lead the flame wars.  So far this thread has stayed well in control
and on topic.  Lets keep it that way.)


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