Re: [gtk-list] Re: VDK & Gtk--, was: yet another gtk+ C++ wrapper

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Christof Petig wrote:
>Mario Motta wrote:
>> On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Christof Petig wrote:
>> >Hi you,
>> >
>> >I'd like to comment on this topic.
>> >
>> >I had a first look at VDK. It has many examples, the documentation is brief
>> >(and looks ugly within netscape) but there. The examples look too colourful for
>> >Gtk-Apps (both pro and con).
>> wich version did you look ? 0.1 was very incomplete, version 0.2 is much more
>> near the first alpha (0.3 that will be released next).
>> Admittely html docs are bad (now Ionut Borcoman is rewriting the tutorial into a
>> more fashioned way) but there is also a 60 pages ps version.
>I looked at 0.2 (of course). I've never seen so much pictures and colours in an
>gtk* example.

i like colors :-)

>> >The signal number #defines look a bit odd to me (how can anyone in his sane
>> > mind do this within an OO environment ...) ;-)
>> if you mean macro expansion of signal/event connection
>> this is an interesting
>> tech discussion,  it took me about 3 days to decide between macros expansion
>> and a plain connecting call like gtk-- does. After some trials I finally decided
>> to macros mainly because is an easy way to implement fast look-up static binding
>> template table and response handler. Better choices could be possible, but this
>> one is'nt so "odd" or rather well known on event-driving programming.
>What looked insane to me was the#define SIG_A 2001
>#define SIG_B 2002
>I gave up such a coding style two years ago (you some time certainly
> duplicate some
 >numbers by chance).

you misread  the sources, defines are used for convenience and refers
widgets not signals, signals follow Gtk+ convention and cannot be mispelled at
all.  You can safely duplicate widget  defines, or rather you should if you want
more than one signal on the same widget,  they can also be shared among
different windows (forms in VDK). Naturally is possible to make mistakes in
writing but i do not think that this construct is more dangerous than others, 
mispelling defines simply flag a compile error (better case) or makes the widget
do not answer to signal  (worst) in both cases should'nt be difficult to catch
the error.

 >> do you know how many are involved in VDK devel
  > >No.

1 person, now 2 (thanks to ionut botcoman), perhaps 3 in the near future.

Mario Motta
AI Research Group - Rimini

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