RE: [gtk-list] Language bindings question...

On 20-Oct-98 Andrew S. Townley wrote:
> On the  
> surface, it seems like wxGTK is more complete, but without actually  
> sitting down and trying to use/learn both, I'm not sure.


 first of all my opinion may be somewhat biaised because I'm already
using wxGTK, but I really think it makes no sense to compare these
2 toolkits. wxGTK is a GTK port of wxWindows cross-platform GUI
framework. It means that using the same (in ideal, same for 99%
right now) source you can build GUI apps for both Windows (3.1
if you really insist, but mainly 95/98/NT) _and_ Unix (with either
wxGTK or wxMotif ports). For me this possibility is very important
and it's surely something Gtk-- doesn't provide (it's not a
disadvantage of Gtk--, it's a simple statement of fact).

 OTOH, if you're only interested in programming for, say, Linux
with GTK (i.e. you're sure that you will never migrate to Windows
or even Less/Motif) Gtk-- is surely better - cross-platform frameworks
just have to sacrifice something for the portability. For example,
some of GTK+ features which are difficult to implement on other
platforms are not supported by wxGTK, while nothing prevents from
supporting them in Gtk-.

 Hope this helps,

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