Language bindings question...

Hello all,

I have been looking at GNOME and the Gtk stuff for a while now and I  
had a couple of questions which I haven't been able to easily answer  
on my own.

The home page for gtk mentions that there are language bindings to  
the library for C++ and Objective C.  What I was wondering was if  
there was a good comparison paper of the C++ frameworks (GTK--,  
wxGTK, ??) available to enable people who were interested in using  
gtk and GNOME from C++ to make an educated decision about which  
implementation best fits the given project/conversion/etc?  On the  
surface, it seems like wxGTK is more complete, but without actually  
sitting down and trying to use/learn both, I'm not sure.

The second question is where is the ObjC binding for GTK?  The page  
mentions it, but I didn't see an obvious link?

Thanks in advance,


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