Re: [gtk-list] Re: drawing pixel ??

On 10/10/98 Francisco Cespedes Moreno uttered the following other thing:
> Hi Brandon, could I abuse of your amability?
> I had moditecated the scribble-simple program.
> And I made this:
> 	In function where draw a small box (draw_brush) I add that:
> 		etc...
> 		GdkGC *color;
> 		color = GetPen (100,0,0)
> 		etc....
> 	 	gdk_draw_point (pixmap,color,update_rect.x, update_rect.y ); 
> 		gtk_widget_draw (widget, &update_rect);
> But it continua drawing a BLACK pixel. I couldn't change his color? Why
> please?

Its not quite a black pixel.  The color values are on the range of 0 to
65535, and 100 isn't very far from 0.   Try using 30000, you should
definitely see red.

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