WindowToFront and modal dialogs questions


     I am developping technical drawing program using GTK and I have following

     1) User can have multiple sheets. Since there is nothing like MDI under
Windows, I have decided to use separate window for each sheet. I want to give
user easy shortcut to cycle through sheets. But for this, I need to be able to
directively put sheet window to the front of all other windows. I have searched
gtk include files and I have not found such function.

     2) When user exits program, I want to close all sheets. Of course, when
sheet was changed, it asks before closing, whether to save changes, forget
changes or canel operation. If user wants to save sheet which was not yet saved,
file selection dialog pops up.

     It would make good sense if both these dialogs were modal. It is much
easier to program and it also limits unexpected user operations (trying to close
again sheet for which there is pending save dialog etc.) which must be carefully
tested for.

     So is it possible somehow to create modal dialogs?

     (This was just an example. There are many more situations when modal
dialogs come handy.)

				Thanks in advance
					Michal Kara alias lemming

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