Re: [gtk-list] removed gtk+ functions in gtk--

"Zow" Terry Brugger <> writes:
> /opt/gnome/lib/ undefined reference to 
> `gtk_container_disable_re
> size'
> /opt/gnome/lib/ undefined reference to `gtk_clist_set_policy'
> /opt/gnome/lib/ undefined reference to 
> `gtk_container_enable_res
> ize'

> Sure enough, they've been removed as of a couple days ago. My gtk--
> is fresh as of this morning. Does anyone have an update or
> workaround for this? If not, I guess I'll get my hands dirty, but
> having not worked with this code before, I wanted to avoid it as to
> minimize complications (I could probably make a quick fix, but who
> knows what that will break?).

it'll be fixed soon I'm sure. (I believe other people have similar
problems..:) I'm upgrading gtk+ today, so if I get problems with it
I'll fix it :)

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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