Re: widget_class->draw (a bug?)

Adrian Feiguin <> writes:

> I'm working on a widget and I defined the function widget_class->draw.
>  In previos versions of gtk (e.g. 0.99.3) my widget ran without
> problems, but in gtk+-1.0.* the widget is redrawn calling this function
> aparentrly at random, without any logic. I can't understand this behavior
> and I dont know whether is a bug in gtk or I'm missing something.

There were some changes early last year in the order things
where drawn and size-allocated.

I'm pretty certain that the 1.0.x code doesn't call
->draw "at random". If you have some particular example of
behavior you want explained, you might want to detail
exactly what you see happening.

(The redraw logic has also been changed a fair bit in 1.1.x,
 but most things that work in 1.0.x should work in 1.1.x
 as well)


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