Re: [gtk-list] Re: widget_class->draw (a bug?)

On 18 Nov 1998, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Adrian Feiguin <> writes:
> > I'm working on a widget and I defined the function widget_class->draw.
> >  In previos versions of gtk (e.g. 0.99.3) my widget ran without
> > problems, but in gtk+-1.0.* the widget is redrawn calling this function
> > aparentrly at random, without any logic. I can't understand this behavior
> > and I dont know whether is a bug in gtk or I'm missing something.
> There were some changes early last year in the order things
> where drawn and size-allocated.
> I'm pretty certain that the 1.0.x code doesn't call
> ->draw "at random". If you have some particular example of
> behavior you want explained, you might want to detail
> exactly what you see happening.
> (The redraw logic has also been changed a fair bit in 1.1.x,
>  but most things that work in 1.0.x should work in 1.1.x
>  as well)
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
I'm a little "out of date", I haven't followed the changelogs. I'm sorry.
Well, in the gtk+-1.0.0 ChangeLog file I found the following:

        * gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_draw): When gtk_widget_draw ()
        occurs with queued draw already in place, redraw _entire_
        widget. (Pointed out by Tim Janik)

I think this explains my problems. But I can't understand how it
exactly works. What does it mean "queued draw already in place"?  

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