RE: [gtk-list] GtkClist not scrolling

On 17-Nov-98 Marcus Brito wrote:
> I've got a really annoying problem here. It seems that GtkClist is not
> scrolling, neither vertical, nor horizontal. The scrollbars simple don't
> appear.
> I'm using GTK from CVS, grabbed 2 days ago. I've checked the gtkclist.c
> source file, and found that the method gtk_clist_set_policy is nearly
> empty. Take a look:
> void
> gtk_clist_set_policy (GtkCList      *clist,
>                     GtkPolicyType  vscrollbar_policy,
>                     GtkPolicyType  hscrollbar_policy)
> {
>   g_return_if_fail (clist != NULL);
>   g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_CLIST (clist));
> }
> How could I fix this?

CList has lost the scrollbars. You have to create a scrolled_window
and put the clist into the scrolled_window. You can use
gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy as replacement of
gtk_clist_set_policy then.


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