Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk-- wants GtkRcStyle (& more)

> > 	I'm trying to compile gtk-- 0.10.0 on a RH5 box w/ Gtk+ 1.1.3
> From the release notes :
> NOTE! Its now a policy that gtk-- works with 1.0.x gtk+'s and only
> gtk+1.1 from the CVS. Thus to use gtk1.1, you will want to have both
> gtk+ and gtk-- from CVS!
A-ha, the release notes that didn't come with the distribution. I missed the 
little note about those in the README. To ask a potentially silly question: 
why have a distribution at all if you need to grab it from CVS in order to be 
sure it works? Or is that for using w/ gtk+1.0 which it says at the top of the 
gtk-- website:

Gtk version(s) known to NOT work with Gtk--: <1.1.x

You'll pardon me if I'm just a little confused. . .

> We try to follow the changes in gtk+ 1.1 as closely as possible, so
> you really have to extract both from CVS.
Cool. Check out from the main line of both?

> -- 
> 					Guillaume.
Thanks for your help!

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