Re: [gtk-list] ? mouse pointer pixmap

"Sergey I. Panov" wrote:
> Is it right that Gtk+ has nothing to do with control of the mouse
> pointer?
> I'd like to be able to have my custom mouse pointers for different
> modes (tools) and different areas on canvas. Where would I find needed
> docs?
>  Sergey
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It looks like this is done by gdk. Look in gdkcursor.c

You might also want to look at testgtk. This is an application in
gtk+[version]/gtk. The source is testgtk.c. There is a mouse cursor 
example (search for Cursors)  This example appears to use only the
built-in cursors. But there is a gdk_cursor_new_from_pixmap function
that should be similar to the gdk_cursor_new use in testgtk.c that takes
an pixmap instead of an integer index. If you are able to create the
pixmap you should be all set.

good luck,
Todd & Lisa Dukes

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