Re: [gtk-list] gdk_imlib questions

On 16 Nov, Tor Lillqvist scribbled:
->  I hope this list isn't inappropriate for questions about gdk_imlib.
->  While looking through gdk_imlib while attempting to port it to Win32,
->  a few questions have come to my mind:
->  - In general, is it a good idea to try to isolate gdk_imlib from X11
->    as much as possible? There are lots of stuff in it that's currently
->    done with straight Xlib calls, even if GDK contains equivalent
->    functionality. (Presumably this is because imlib is mostly older
->    code, written before gdk had this functionality?)

remember Imlib isnt gdk_imlib - imlib is 2 libraries with 2 api's
almost the samethat allow both gdk level and Xlib level apps to share
the same functionality.

->  - Is there a reason why gdk_imlib shouldn't use g_malloc and friends?

same as below - parallelism for maintinence. I don't see why it should
either. malloc is portable - standard ansi-c. it's a moot point.

->  - Isn't there duplicated functionality in gdk_imlib and gdkrgb? (NIH?)

yup - Imlib was written long before gdkrgb. I twas given a gdk API
before gdkrgb existed. Maintinence wise I keep them both at Xlib level
sicne Imlib has Xlib and gdk front-ends. having either significantly
different will mean nightmares for maintinence. Beleive it or not the
Xlib API to Imlib is being used by many apps and is attractive to other
people like the KDE people.

remeber also that gdkrgb and imlbi perfomr rgb->drawable conversion
slightly differently - imlib does it "on the fly" whilst doing a
scaling operation - both at once. this saves extra memory copies but
makes the code a little more complex or verbose. gdkrgb just does
RGB->drawable without and transforms.

->  --tml

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