Re: Menu item selection

Conrad Steenberg <> writes:

> Hi all
> Is there some developer out there who knows something about gtk menus who
> can answer the following question:
> What is the sequence of events that occur when a user clicks on a menu
> item?
> I'm trying to duplicate these events by using the keyboard, i.e. so that a
> user might get the same effect by e.g. pressing <Alt>F, O as by clicking
> on the File menu, then on the Open menu item. I don't want to create a
> global shortcut for the 'open file' action, which clutters up the keyboard
> 'action-space' needlessly.
> Before anyone suggests it, just emitting the "activate" signal for the
> menu item does not do the trick.

That _is_ what happens in the end. If you want the menus to pop
up, and to have arrow key navigation, etc, then you would
need to modify the menu-ing code. Luckily, this has all already
been done in the 1.1 development branch and will be available
as part of the 1.2 release pretty soon.


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