Re: [gtk-list] Re: Naming convension for GTK aplications

d. hall wrote:
> // thus on 25 May 1998 02:22:32 -0000, nelson-gtk wrote:
> > writes:
> >> > For example: if I call my aplicacion "newapp",
> >> > should I name it "gnewapp" or something like that?

Only if it was really a "GNUapp".

> >> PLEASE don't. we have too many g* apps as it is :)

What is this, a Communications "g*app"?

> > Gwhy gdo gyou gfeel gthat gway?  Gmaybe gwe gdon't ghave genough??
> G... no, GTE... err K.
> If it's a pretty generic name (no 'g' pun intended) a prefix'ed 'g' 
> makes it more distinctive.  But I have to agree, there are far too 
> many 'g*' app names, and that's not only the gtk apps, there are 
> several non-GTK but GNU apps.

The "G" inclusion rule of thumb SHOULD be "Does the un-acronym'd name of
the application include/start with any word that starts with "G".

If the App is "Gnome-Phone", then an ACRONYM of "gPh" would be
appropriate for a GTK application.

If it's a GIMP add-on/plug-in, it could appropriately be g<something>.

But more importantly, if it's to be distributed with the GNU FSF
license, and the name can easily absorb the G in hard or soft mode, add

But that's my OPINION, and not backed by any convention real or


> d.
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