Re: form widget?

Sami Juhani Kallio <> writes:

> "Michael J. Hammel" <> writes:
> > In a previous message, Sami Juhani Kallio says:
> > > Is there any widget like Motif form where you can attach a widget to
> > > the sides of the form and/or to other widgets? If not, how would you
> > > implement this in gtk?
> > 
> > Form widgets in Motif map to "vbox" (vertical alignment) and "hbox"
> > (horizontal alignment) in GTK.  The Tutorial has a pretty good description
> > of using these under the "packing widgets" section.  In general, you create
> > the h/vbox and pack children.  The gtk_box_pack_start() function is used to
> > determine how the children are aligned internally to the h/vbox.
> Form as in Motif is more general. You can attach widgets separately
> and attach widgets to each other. 
> On the other hand, I didn't find any good example of a GUI where form
> would be really needed. I think there is some, but in general, form is
> too complex and it is too easy to get a mess with it.

Shawn Amundson has been working on Tk-style packer widget. While
someone different in detail, it should be at least as powerful
as the Motif form widget. (And a lot easier to use. Tk's geometry
management has a considerably better reputation than Motif's)

On other hand - I've also never anything I couldn't do with
GTK's standard Tables, Alignments and Boxes.


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