RE: Closing a window in GTK--

Lachac, Gerry wrote:

> I use the same technique and same versions of software.  I don't have a
> problem with this.  In other words, it should work.

 Does automatic hide() work for you? I still have to explicitly hide()
windows before deleting...

> When you do the hide() explicitedly, does the window disappear?  If it
> doesn't I would suspect that the pointer you are using is corrupt, ie not
> the window pointer.

 There's no problem with hide(). When I call it the window always

> Trying putting a printf in the destructor for your destructor for the window
> to see if it was called when the delete is issued.

 I did, and it was called.

 I think I have found the problem. It was not the destructor, but the
constructor what was failing. As "autohiding" is not working, and I
wasn't calling it, I thought the problem was in the destructor. Calling
hide() before delete, the destructor seems to work. But the next time I
try to open a window it gives me a sissegv.

 It seems the problem was the way I was creating menus with menufactory.
I had 2 instances (instead of pointers to instances) of Gtk_MenuFactory,
as in the example from the tutorial. Changing them to pointers has
solved the problem.


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