Re: [gtk-list] Re: Possible to place widgets *on top* of CList?

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Pascal Rigaux wrote:

> I had the same problem with editing a entry in a GtkCList.
> I've tried adding a GtkEntry on top of the GtkCList at the right place.

The Amiga solves this problem rather nicely, I think.

(Yes, I know I keep comparing GTK to the Amiga, but please bare with me.
The Amiga is such a nice user interface, that it'd be rediculous not to
examine it and learn from it.)

Whenever a list is capable of having its items editted, there would always
be a text box immediately below the listbox.  The idea is, when you click
on an item, the string gadget below the listbox would automatically update
itself to match the text of the list item.

*IF* the string gadget was enabled, you could edit the string immediately.
Whether or not the list updated in real-time depended on how the
application was written -- sometimes, there would be two buttons to the
right of the string gadget: Update and Delete.  The Delete gadget, of
course, deleted the list item selected.  Update simply applied the changes
made in the string gadget to the list item.  If the list item was unable
to be editted, the string gadget would simply be disabled.

This did not take up all that much real-estate on the screen: no more than
14 pixels for an 8-pixel font.  In fact, if you're using a font of height
"h", then the screen real-estate occupied was pretty much "h+6" pixels.

Why couldn't something like this be used?  It seems to me that it'd be
easier for people to use, and it'd sure be a heck of a lot easier to

Just a thought.

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