Re: [gtk-list] Re: News Client

Brian Stempel wrote:

> > I'm fairly certain that balsa supports nntp, haven't actually finished
> > compiling it yet so can't say how well it handles it though... Might want
> > to check it out and just work on improving how it works instead of
> > starting a new news specific program
> I would really like to see a decent gtk newsreader, and it has always been
> my experience that any mail reader that tries to "also" be a news reader
> generally sucks (wrt the newsreader part).  I try to stay away from "do
> everything" programs, because it always seems certain aspects get much greater
> attention than others, and that those others were just tacked on either to
> gain a wider audience, or because it was easy to add basic functionality.
> Anyway, for anyone thinking about chucking up a gtk newsreader, more power to
> you. :)  I wish there was as much zest for a news reader as for all these
> damn IRC clients floating around. ;)
> -Brian

Can I suggest a name:

Unless it's already taken, of course.


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