preface: sorry for the header-mess. i'm mailing from behind a gate and that
thing seems to be f*cked up pretty badly. nothing i can do about it at this
moment, and i'll be changing uplinks soon anyway, so please just ignore them
for now.

   James A wrote:

 >> - is there a somewhat simple and elegant way to automatically scale the
 >> map if the window is resized? to allow only proportional resizes of the
 >> window?
 JA>  Don't know, using imlib might be your best bet. Although I've haven't
 JA> used this yet.
looks like it. i've ripped apart electric eyes today and created a new gtk
widget that loads an image file and displayes it with automatic resize and
events. if anyone else is interested, i can upload it somewhere.

however, i'd still love to do proportional resizes, or rather: restrict the
user to those. anyone done something like that?

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