Re: Scrolling text..

Evan Lawrence <> writes:

> OK, quick question: how can I get the vertical text adjustment (scrollbar) to
> scroll to the line the cursor's on? I've written a search & replace feature,
> but the problem is, when I just search (replace works fine,) it highlights the
> proper text, but then the user has to scroll to it himself, which sorta defeats
> the purpose... I've got a gtk_text_set_point call in there, but it only seems
> to move the cursor to that point, not scroll to that point also. I'm using gtk
> 0.99.8 if that's any help... Thanks!

If you insert and delete a character at that location, then it
should force the Text widget to scroll there.

My primary goal in revising the Text widget for 1.0 was to get it
working fairly decently for basic editing tasks. The API for
programs extending it for fancier operations is pretty limited
right now - I want to get a bit better idea of the eventual
feature set before exposing too much to application writers.


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