error in gtk-config for Solaris 2.5.1 (SonOS 5.5.1)?

Well I've beaten my head on this for a while... I'm trying to install
GTK 0.99.7 (and the GIMP :) on the Solaris machines (version 2.5.1) at our
school and I'm getting the weirdest shell script errors with the file
known as gtk-config.

I got some strange errors while running configure on the GIMP and I found
out the culprit is when the configure script runs the gtk-config script.
When running "gtk-config --version" I get this rather odd error:

gtk-config: syntax error at line 29: `end of file' unexpected

Unfortunately I don't know the first thing about sh programming.  I've
tried changing the first line to run /usr/bin/sh and even bash but nothing
works.  Does anyone know what's happening here?

                                      - Dave

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                                       |  greater, it is obsolete and must
                                       |  be replaced immediately by a
                                       |  newer, better Beta version."

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