Re: [gtk-list] Re: New release of gtk: problems compiling.

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Christopher Blizzard <> writes:
> > With my daily checkout of the gnome code, I discovered that imlib
> > doesn't build anymore.  This is because glib.h ( installed in
> > /usr/include ) requires glibconfig.h which is not installed.  This may
> > be in error, I'm not sure.  Just FYI anything that does an #include
> > <glib.h> will fail.  I just checked this version of gtk out of CVS.
> To clear up the confusion:
> As noted in the release announcement for 0.99.6, glibconfig.h is now
> installed in $exec_prefix/lib/glib/include.  (default
> /usr/local/lib/glib/include) If you don't get errors from this, you
> didn't remove the old copy from $includedir.
> For a convenient way to get things right, see docs/gtk-config.txt



  isn't in the distribution for gtk+-0.99.7, where can I get it?

Also, I'm having unimaginable difficulty getting GIMP 0.99.21 to FIND
gtk-config.  How do I tell config to IGNORE gtk-config?  It's not in the
options/--help list.

Any hints?  

Nothing I -got- in the distribution is being very helpful, I'm afraid.

> (There is a typo where GDK_LIBS is written instead of GTK_LIBS
>  in that document, so watch out for that)

I'm trying to build on Solaris 2.6 with GCC

(I at least knew how to work-around the libs and cflags in
0.99.18/0.99.19... gtk-config REALLY confuses my issues...)
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