I'm in the midst of porting an Xt app to gtk- using a gtkGL drawable
w/ Mesa.  I have some questions about gtkGL, for anyone who's played
with it:

1. Can I mix gdk draw commands w/ the GL calls?  If so, can they take
place inside the GTK_GL_..._BEGIN(..) .. END wrapper?

2. Is thare any way to convert from an X named colour (eg
"DarkSlateGray") to either a RGB representation (preferred) a la GL,
or a gdk color? On this point, I know very little about what is
possible- the gdk docs are pretty scanty, and I've never tried to go
between X named colors and gl colors.


Robert Sim				Centre for Intelligent Machines			McGill University, Montreal, PQ			So long and thanks for all the Phish

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