Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk-- tutorial?

Kevin Handy <> writes:
> I have a quetion on it. How do you attach commands into the menufactory
> under gtk--? Do they have to be non-class functions or does it handle
> using class functions (which would require passing/using 'this' somehow).

In the 0.9.5 gtk-- there's example of how to do it. (in

> The 'menu' demo skips attaching any functionality to the menu options,
> so there is no clue there, and nothing else in the gtk-- package
> seems to use it at all. I'd prefer to not need to have a bunch of
> helper functions if I could avoid it.

It used to be worse (only could connect to static member functions), but
currently it somewhat works, though gcc2.7.2 has a bug with a feature it
uses and it does not work on 2.7.2 - if anyone figures out how to make
it work on 2.7.2, let me know... )

> Also, how well is the gtk-- tracking gtk? Are they remaining closely
> at the same capability levels?

Gtk-- is tracking gtk quite well. I think all 1.0 features should be
implemented - there might be few things that are not perfect, things
like Gtk_List has few methods that take GList*'s and thats not too
good... But usually there are workarounds to those (like using
Gtk_Container::add(Gtk_Widget*) ) for the Gtk_List... Not all gtk
interfaces have reasonable C++ interface, but every widget has some
kind of interface which should work..) Sometimes you need to use
gtkobj() interface to access some data members inside gtk objects -
but if you ever need to use those, let me know so that proper C++
interface can be made to those.

Of course, if something does not work - or could be better, let me
know so that it can be fixed. (I sometimes wonder how certain bugs
have not been found - like show_all()/hide_all() had completely
terrible bug - guess noone used them and if they did, they certainly
didnt tell me about the problems...)

there's list of bugs or problems I know in gtk-- at the web page, so you
know what to expect from certain widgets..

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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