Re: [gtk-list] Re: Object args and all that stuff...

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> writes:
> >
> > > Whilst inching forward yesterday (still making glacial progress on my
> > > RScheme bindings for gtk+) I came across the object args stuff. This
> > > looks really great, seems it could make binding to dynamic languages
> > > *very* convenient. However, there didn't seem to be many widgets that
> > > actuallt take advantage of it (GtkWidget, GtkObject, GtkButton, others
> > > ???) and the tutorial said that it was pretty much an unimplemented
> > > facility.
> > >
> Suggestion: an easy way to make RScheme bindings work would be to
> modify the gtk.defs translator from the guile-gtk package, you should
> be able to make things work with very little actual coding and make
> alll widgets work that way. In fact, you'd also get Gdk and Gnome
> bindings for free, since there are .defs files for these as well.

This is pretty much what I have been doing -- I have some Scheme code
that parses gtk.defs and generates code using the RScheme FFI
facilities. However there is a bit more to it than that; as RScheme has
an ubiquitous object system, I have endeavoured to integrate the gtk+
type hierarchy into that. At the moment, the bindings generate
dynamically an RScheme class for any gtk+ object class they see, which I
think is moderately cute.

The appeal of the object args stuff lies in the fact that the rest of
the bindings could be fully dynamic too.


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