Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk_Text customization?

>>>>> "SG" == Some Guy <> writes:

 >> I have uploaded a patch (gtk-mailund-980713-0.patch) to
 >>, which makes it possible to add user data to text
 >> properties in the text widget. Using that, you could add comments
 >> as user data to, e.g. a "/*<comment>*/" text, and when clicking on
 >> the text, extract the comment and insert it instead of the
 >> /*<comment>*/ text.
 >> I have only used the user data in gtktext for highlighting (I save
 >> the state in the regex automaton), so I don't know if this is
 >> useful for these comments. But you could take a look.

 SG> Great, I'll check it out.

Perhabs you should look at the editor widget i have upload to instead. There's no hidding/showing
comments yet, but it shows the use of user-data associated to the text

The hidding/showing of comments, and putting links in the text is a
good idear, and I'm going to add support for it to the editor in a day
or two. (I'm away from my box this weekend, so I won't have it done
until Tuesday or Wednesday).

I would really like your thoughts about it. What should be done? What
should be supported? How general should it be? What should the
interface (both programmers and users) be like?


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