Accelerators and Focus

Hi All.

What I still haven't found out is how to setup accelarators which are
available always.

I have created a table of accelerators and installed it for the
complete MainWindow, because they should be available whatever widget
(except for entries, of course) has the focus.

But if a user clicks on a tab of a notebook the notebook receives
the focus.
I have tried to unset it with gtk_widget_unset_flags( (notebook),
GTK_HAS_FOCUS) in the page_switch event handler.
Also I have tried to move the focus to the mainWindow.

neither didn't work.

If the user selects items in a compound list the removal of the focus
on the compound actually works.

Probably someone can explain, which way this should be implemented ?

Thanks for reading.

Ciao Christoph   (
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