Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK--: questions

Owen Taylor wrote:
> There is no "destroy_event".
> There is:
>   "delete_event" - The window manager asked the application to
>                    close the window.
>   "destroy"      - The widget was destroyed, probably either because
>                    GTK+ closed the toplevel at the request
>                    of the WM, or because the application
>                    called gtk_widget_destroy() explicitly.
> "destroy" is not an event.
> Note that the widget's memory will not be freed, even if it
> is destroyed(), until it's refcount drops to zero.
> See docs/refcounting.txt for more information about destruction,
> finalization and all that. (Or dig up some of my old emails
> about how gtk-- "should" be doing things, though it's probably
> a bit late for that.) Actually, maybe you are just saying
> that you don't know of a "destroy_event" - yes, there isn't
> any.

>From the docs generated by GTK--0.9.9

class Gtk_Widget

Public member index
... Signal_proxyN<gint,widgettype,GdkEventAny*> destroy_event; 

Protected member index
... virtual gint destroy_event_impl(GdkEventAny*); 

Similar functions are for "delete". What are these "destroy" functions
for ?

I'm a little bit confused as GTK+ tutorial uses a lot the destroy event,
while, as I can see till now, GTK-- preferes delete and doesn't call
delete_event_impl at all. 

Can you please detail a bit this problem ? (Or tell me the mane of the
thread you've discussed this in ?



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