Re: [gtk-list] Style Guide (was Re: vi bindings for text widgets)

Steve Hosgood writes:
 > I know this is heretical, but I'll say it anyway.
 > I say keybindings should be a function of a 'style guide', and not settable
 > to random things by users. Here we are, championing GTK as a fine toolkit for
 > writing applications, yet we seem to be supporting two conflicting camps
 > at the same time:
 > One says: "here is a set of nice widgets, so that all GTK applications can
 > have a similar look and feel".
 > The other says: "you can set your own preferences for everything in your
 > .rc files in such a way that GTK applications on *your* workstation are so
 > baroque that no one except you can run them"!

Right.  These are not conflicting.  The goal is to have all
applications respond to the same set of keystrokes and menus.  Once
you have that, it's only a little more work to make those keystrokes
and menus configurable.

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