Re: [gtk-list] Style Guide (was Re: vi bindings for text widgets)

   I know this is heretical, but I'll say it anyway.

   I say keybindings should be a function of a 'style guide', and not settable
   to random things by users. Here we are, championing GTK as a fine toolkit for
   writing applications, yet we seem to be supporting two conflicting camps
   at the same time:

   One says: "here is a set of nice widgets, so that all GTK applications can
   have a similar look and feel".

   The other says: "you can set your own preferences for everything in your
   .rc files in such a way that GTK applications on *your* workstation are so
   baroque that no one except you can run them"!

I don't see a conflict between these two views.  A widget set
supporting a common look and feel should be there (you're right,
Microsoft's style guide was a good thing; an early mistake in X was
not having one); a user who runs with all-defaults should get a
vanilla look and feel.  But, a user who wants to do something bizarre
to their own environment should be able to do it.

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