Re: [gtk-list] Re: Automatic generation of gtk+ interface

> > [...]

>   In XForms the GUI builder (comes with the distribution) allows you
>   to create your presentation part, but it's a one way only thing. If
>   you decide to add a new widget *after* you have added your own
>   code then you can't go back to the GUI builder.
>   VisualTcl on the other hand, allows you to define and write your own
>   code within the GUI builder and that's very neat.

This is definately I would *LOVE* to see in Glade, hopefully soon. I've
put together a few tiny apps for my own use, and occationally (=often) I
would like to go back to the builder and change layout etc., but that
would completely break my code.

On a few occations I actually made "patches" (with diff) to insert my
code, but that wasn't very fun in the long run. ;-) 

I browsed through the Glade sources, and AFAICT it shouldn't be to hard to
add. Or what, Damon? I'd be happy to contribute to this project if
needed/wanted, but I have no idea of what's being worked on already.. 


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