Re: [gtk-list] Re: Fileselection comments

On Jan 28,  7:47am, Tom Tromey wrote:

> One idea that's been discussed on the Gnome list (a while back) is to
> use the Gnome file manager when an application requests a file
> browser.  Maybe this will happen eventually.

	For my own usage, I like to see Gnome dependant from Gtk, but not in
the other way. See, the application I'm currently working on will be able to
run independantly of any window manager or desktop on a huge variety of *nix.
So, I have to be able to call little good widgets (without having to write so
much from my own), without asking people to install the wall desktop ;-).

	Also, when I asked for a gtk-app-devel mailing list (which will appear
on my new server in several weeks if noone do it for us), it's because Gnome
lists are full of Gnome stuff, which are interesting, of course, but which are
unusefull for me. Unfortunately, I don't have time to participate to the
Desktop or general apps development, having to concentrate on my job...

	I don't say that to make a flame war or anything related, sorry if it
hurts you (was not what I wanted to do, but my english is "scientific" or
"international"). Just to keep in your mind that not all gtk users are Gnome
developpers ;-).


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"Ce sont des desespoirs d'intellectuels ennuyes, ou des ennuis 
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