Mnemonic 0.1alpha

Hey all,

For your information:

        For Immediate Release -- 24 February 1998.

        WWW.MNEMONIC.ORG (24 February, 1998) -- Project Mnemonic
        announced today the first public release of it's free web browser
        Mnemonic.  This developer release is available to the internet
        community as a working example of Project Mnemonic's revolutionary
        browser design.

        Mnemonic has been designed to be a multilithic, non-dependent,
        extensible, modular, objective, network-aware internet client.
        The members of Project Mnemonic believe that currently available
        browsers suffer from "feature bloat" caused by a monolithic
        structure  requiring all users to download and use all portions
        of the internet browser in order to gain access to any of the
        browsers features. This results in a multi-megabyte application
        that requires more than an hour of download time via conventional
        modems to gain any functionality.

        The Mnemonic browser is designed to allow dynamic loading and
        downloading of browser components, or modules. Browser components,
        such as an image format, transfer protocol, or plug-in, are loaded
        only when they are needed. This provides a small binary (about
        100Kb) and an equally small memory footprint. Mnemonic is also
        fully multi-threaded allowing multiple tasks to be completed in

        Mnemonic's modular design not only allows for easy development and
        expansion, but also allows for the use of mnemonic objects in
        other applications such as a word processor (WURD) or a groupware
        framework (Mediator).

        Though primarily developed on the Linux operating system, Mnemonic
        has also been successfully built on Solaris and FreeBSD systems.
        Mnemonic requires threaded X11 libraries on Linux, POSIX
        threads and GTK libraries. Any system meeting these requirements
        should be able to run Mnemonic with minimal modification.

        Information about Project Mnemonic is available on the internet at Sources are available via anonymous ftp
        at  For further
        information contact


| Remco van de Meent                   |          |
| Mnemonic Browser Project             |     |

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