Re: [gtk-list] Re: Docking toolbars

>  Am I the only one who hates hearing that Gnome does this or that?  Things
>  like proper docking toolbars really belong in GTK+, not an extension
>  (IMHO, anyway).  Not that I have anything against GNOME, one of these days
>  I'll try it, but I like to keep my app's lib requirements to a minimum and
>  I feel that it is "wrong" to require GNOME libs for an app that is
>  intended to run anywhere. :)

Some people also feel it is wrong to require Gtk+ for an app that is
intended to run anywhere.

But wait!  Some people may not even have X installed, so your
application is crap if it does not run outside it.

Some people may not even have a computer...

You can see this line of reasoning leads you :-)

The GNOME provide a nice framework for building applications.  Gtk+ is
the GUI toolkit under it, providing general-purpose widgets with
little policy on how they are used.  The GNOME libraries provide the
policy and some other goodies as well; these are intended to make it
easy to write consistent-looking applications.


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