RE: [gtk-list] Problems with GHashTable

On 13-Dec-98 wrote:
> After initializing a GHashTable variable, I try to insert a
> key/value pair
> which are gchar pointers using g_hash_insert ().  It seems to
> insert fine, but
> when I try to look the value up using _hash_lookup (), I get NULL. 
> I tried
> g_strdup'ing the pointers; it still doesn't work.  It _does_ work
> when I put in
> constant strings.  Can anyone explain why this happens and how I
> can fix it?
> I'm using glib 1.1.6 and gtk+ 1.1.6.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.

First, upgrade to 1.1.7 - 1.1.6 has a nasty bug in it.

The hash table doesn't copy either the key or the value, so you must
keep them valid for the life of the hash table.


PS. not my design decision.

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