ANNOUNCE: gtkmotd


Long time ago, I had the systems I took care of display the message of the
day immediately after xdm login before anything else came up. I did this
with the xlogin package which also took care to entry the user in utmp and
the like. Time has passed, we moved over to gnulibc2 and all xlogin did
(yes, we did recompile it) was segfaulting and dumping core. So after a
while (a rather long while, I'm a bit of a lazy person) I hacked together
a tool which at the moment just displays the message of the day, let's the
user confirm and then exits.

It is distributable under the GNU GPL and can be downloaded from the
following locations:

source tarball:

Linux/i386/glibc/gtk-1.1.x RPM:

Source RPM:

I intend to implement some of the functionality of xlogin (multiple motd
files, display only when content changes, utmp handling) when time (and
knowledge, in case of utmp) permits. I'd also like to do a
configure/automake thingy for the sources and the geometry (size of the
window and the font) could be made a little bit more intelligent: large
size font for high resolutions and adaptive width of the window dependant
on the line width of the motd file, and so on.

If you have any ideas/comments/code, feel free to contact me at one of the
addresses below.
Nils Philippsen                  @college:
Vogelsangstrasse 115             @home:
D 70197 Stuttgart                phone:    +49-711-6599405
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