[BUG] glib's configure should support --with-threads=[posix]

Packages: glib-1.1.5 and gtk+-1.1.5

One can build a thread-safe version of gtk+ by
specifying the --with-threads=posix flag for the
configure script.  Since gtk+ depends on glib,
glib also needs to be thread-safe.

For example, glib uses the errno variable.  In
a multithreaded program, errno is actually a
function call to get the per-thread error code.
For example, on Digital Unix V4.0D,
/usr/include/sys/errno.h has this:
    #ifdef  _REENTRANT
    #define errno   (*_errno())
    extern int errno;
    #endif  /* _REENTRANT */

So glib at least needs to be compiled with
-D_REENTRANT to be thread-safe.

Add the --with-threads=[posix] flag to glib's
configure script.  You should be able to just
cut and paste the --with-threads stuff from
gtk+'s configure script.

Wan-Teh Chang

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